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NDSC Series
Low Voltage DECOLUME

This low voltage strip is used for elegant decorating and illumination. The innovative bulb sockets accommodate festoon bulbs and MR-11 bulb holders. They can be used in many task and decorative applications. Ideal for installation in showcases, window displays, galleries and boat interiors, to name a few of Decolume's many exciting uses.


Festoon Bulbs or
Halogen Lamps

Easy to install bulb

Special lamp base for MR11

  • Flexible design allows unlimited applications and lighting effects
  • Available in any length and multiple lamp spacings
  • Easy to install and labor saving
  • Able to use Festoon bulbs or Halogen lamps
  • Snap in bulb socket designed for ease of replacement
  • Parallel wiring means loss of a bulb does not affect the rest of the strip

Catalog #

Bulb Spacing

NDSC-3 7.5cm / 3''
NDSC-4 10cm / 4''
NDSC-6 15cm / 6''
NDSC-8 20cm / 7-7/8''
NDSC-20 50cm / 19-5/8''
NDSC-30 75cm / 29-1/2''
NDSC-BC Custom


Voltage 12V or 24V
Wire Capacity 30 Amperes
Bulb Spec 5W/10W Incandescent Festoon Bulbs
3W/5W/10W Xenon Festoon Bulbs
20W Halogen Lamp MR11
35W Halogen Lamp MR11 (12V only)
Bulb Color Clear or Frosted

Electronic Transformer
Approved for remote applications. Dimmable with dimmers on the 120V primary side and fuse protected on the secondary to prevent overloading.
120V/12V, 60W
120V/12V, 75W
120V/12V, 105W
120V/12V, 150W

No. Item Description

1. NDSA-1 MR11 Lamp Socket

2. NDSA-2 Terminal Block

3. NDSA-3 Mounting Clip

4. NDSL-5 Festoon Incan Lamp 5W/12V

5. NDSL-5X Xenon Festoon Lamp 5W/12V

6. NDSL-3X/24 Xenon Festoon Lamp 3W/24V

7. NDSL-5X/24 Xenon Festoon Lamp 5W/24V

8. NDSL-10 Festoon Incan Lamp 10W/12V

9. NDSL-10X Xenon Festoon Lamp 10W/12V

10. NDSL-10X/24 Xenon Festoon Lamp 10W/24V

11. NDSL-20 MR11 Halogen Lamp 20W/12V

12. NDSL-20/24 MR11 Halogen Lamp 20W/24V

13. NDSL-35 MR11 Halogen Lamp 35W/12V

14. NDSA-7 End Cap

15. NDSA-8 Reflector

16. NDSA-9 Cross Connector

17. NDSA-10 Mounting Adhesive Pad

18. NDSK-LH Two Piece Lamp Holder Kit

19. NDSC-BC 30 Amp Decolume Cable

  NFL-210 Direct Plug-In Transformer
Dimmable 65 watt max at 20 ft. distance. Includes 6Í cord and plug. 
  NDSA-3 Mechanical Mounting
Screws or nails may be used to attach mounting clips where required such as wall, floor or ceiling.  
  NDSA-10 Adhesion Mounting
Adhesive pads provide another alternative to mechanical mounting where fragile surfaces such as glass or tile do not permit penetration of nails or screws. 
  NDSA-7 End Cap
Used for termination at end of line. Two piece snap assembly eliminates the use of tools. 
NFL-999 Cutter
Die-cast construction with tempered cutting blade, mechanically adjusts to accommodate various cord and cable thicknesses.