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Two Wire Line Voltage
Duralight ™

This Line Voltage Series is a 'non-chasing' system and is mainly used for illumination. This product consists of an inner layer and an outer layer. The inner layer is composed of multi-group subminiature lamps with identical specifications arranged in a line; and the outer layer is a PVC plastic tube. Its strong and formative core can be bent without breaking. Furthermore, this durable plastic is pressure resistant (every inch withstands 200 lb. of pressure), waterproof, flame-retardant, and capable of operating in a temperature range of -4 degrees F to 140 degrees F. DURALIGHT is offered in 150 and 300 foot rolls and includes the necessary accessories to accomplish most mounting applications. Shorter lengths are also available.


  • Line Voltage
  • Indoor and Outdoor applications
  • Constructed of solid core flexible vinyl tube (withstands 200 lbs. of pressure)
  • Lamp life: 25,000 hours
  • Waterproof
  • UL listed
  • ETL listed


  • Window Displays
  • Step Illumination
  • Exhibit Projects
  • Architectural Outlines
  • Cove Lighting
  • Signage

Single Color

Color Feet/ Roll
NFL-500C Clear 150'
NFL-500/3 Clear 300'
NFL-500B Blue 150'
NFL-500G Green 150'
NFL-500R Red 150'
Catalog No. NFL-500
Cable Diameter 0.500'' (13mm)
Voltage 120V/AC
Watts Per Ft. 5.5W/Ft.
Bulb Specifications 6.5V/70 MA
Lamp Life 25,000 hours
Cut Multiples 18''
Lamp Spacing 1''
Cut lengths LESS THAN 150'
offer only the DURALIGHT cable.
All related accessories are NOT INCLUDED.

Connection to the controller.
3-Wire Running Light Controllers

Running Light Controller
For single or bi-color
Function: chasing or tracing

Running Light Controller with 3 Selective Function Program
For single color
Functions: chasing, full light-up,auto exchange (blinking)

Running Light Controller with 3 Selective Function Program
For bi-color functions: chasing,
full light-up, auto exchange (blinking)

Running Light and Sound Controller with Multiple Functions
For single or bi-color
Functions: chasing, full light-up,blinking, functioning with sound

2 Wire Low Voltage Transformer
120 volt primary / 12 volt secondary 65 watt max at 20' max. load distance with 6 ft. power cord.

Nora Duralight Cutter
Die cast construction with tempered cutting blade, mechanically adjusts to accommodate various cord and cable thickness.

Use tie-straps (NFL-508) to secure DURALIGHT™ to wire.

For design and forming: draw design on surface where DURALIGHT™ will be installed and use tie-straps to secure DURALIGHT™ to wire.

For free form designs, use heavy wire to shape.

On clean glass surface, use suction cup (NFL-510) mount and secure with tie-strap (NFL-508).  

When straight line installation is needed the channel (NFL-509) is required. Drill holes in channel and nail or screw channel onto surface.

If installing on glass, use double sided tape (NFL- 511). When channel has been secured onto surface, press DURALIGHT into channel (NFL-509).

DURALIGHT™ ends (NFL-503).