NM-126 Mini Halogen Kit
• Die cast aluminum body and tempered glass
• May be recessed or surface mounted
• Entire kit plugs together - no splicing
• Included: Three trims with quick connectors, housings and mounting hardware. One 60W electronic transformer with 6 foot cord and plug and three quick connectors.
Three G4 12V 20W JC lamps.

$45.66 complete

Electronic Transformers
* Approved for remote applications
* Dimmable with standard incandescent dimmers
* Rated for full load ¥ U.L. Recognized
NET-060 120V/12V 60W $15.71
NET-075 120V/12V 75W $21.50
L: 3-1/8", W: 1-7/8", H: 1-1/4"
NET-105 120V/12V 105W $26.50
NET-150 120V/12V 150W $31.75
L: 5-1/8", W: 1-3/4", H: 1-7/16

NM-100 Mini Halgen Filters
A complete selection of filters is offered to permit the control of light and mood. Various color lenses and spread lenses can tailor the fixture to perform special lighting effects.

$5.46 ea.