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Due to the large variety of voltages, wattages, sizes, etc.
let us use our cross-reference to assure you get the right bulb the first time!

6v 50w
12v 35W
BRL 12v 50w
FCR 12v 100w
120v 150w
64514 120v 300w
64516 230v 300w
EFP 12v 100w
EFR 15v 150w
ELC 24v 250w
ENH 120v 250w
75w Strobe Bulb
ARC 150 DYS 120v 600w
DYR 230v 650w
Par 56 Bulb
Par 64 Bulb
4515 6v 30w
4405 12v 30w
Par 56 Reflector
Par 64 Reflector
HMI 575 EHM 120v 300w
EHM2 230v 300w
FCL 120v 500w
FCL2 230v 300w
J120v 100w
J230v 100w
750w Strobe Bulb
6", 12", 18" 24" 48" USA Blacklight Bulb H400BL 400w